Natural Sites
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Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine.
'Les Balcons du Diable' Outstanding cave of national renown in the Montagne Noire.
Grotte de Limousis. Made up of eight chambers and a succession of five thickly coated stalagmite barriers.
Grotte de l'Aguzou. A visit of doscovery through the richly concretized halls and galleries.
bulletGorge on the river Cesse
bulletSaint Georges gorge
bulletGalamus gorge
bulletGorge at La Clamoux
bulletGorge on the Orbieu river
bulletRebenty gorge
bulletFrau gorge
bulletGouffre de l'Oeil Doux
bulletDefile de la Pier Lys
In the upper valley of the Aude there are spas at Alet-les-Bains and Rennes-les-Bains that provide thermal cures and fitness programmes.

To the south, in the Pyrenees. The Pine Route winds through the forests of the Callong, Picaussel, Puivert, Fanges and Comefroide.
To the north the forests of Ramondens and Loubatiere in the Montagne Noir.



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